Thanks Gloria! The time you must have dedicated to your criticism and marking of my assignments was not just staggering, but let me know that you cared. I owe some of my success to that, and the rest to you. 

I had attended a number of tutorial centers. None could have ever offered the attention and detailed markings I got from Gloria’s.  She is awesome.

When I first attended Gloria’s class, I was so out of practice that I could barely write an English sentence.  I could not believe that after a couple of terms, I am already writing sophisticated argumentative essays.  She helps me to overcome my anxieties in writing, and I will not disappoint her in my DSE English exam. 

I am a manager for an international brand in Hong Kong.  In a matter of weeks, Gloria taught me IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet), report writing and presentational skills. She has boasted my English confidence significantly.  Thank you, Gloria.  You’re a great mentor.  

I consider myself fortunate to have had Gloria as my DSE English Literature teacher. Many thanks for her precise notes and devotion to the detailed correction of my essays. During the relatively short time Gloria taught me (I came to know her when I was S6), my English Literature rose from the 50s to 70s within three months.  I wish I’d known her in S4.

Never have I had an English teacher who would devote such a great deal of time marking my essays.  She has made me take my writing seriously.  Thank you for your support.  

Thanks Gloria for training my eight-year-old daughter to complete at the Hong Kong English Speech Festival and thanks for teaching her IPA in such a short time.  I give you the credit for her winning the first prize.  This is one of the comments I received from the adjudicators: “[My daughter] takes care in making the pronunciation accurate”. 

My son has exceeded all expectations in IGCSE English exam.  Gloria deserves tremendous credit for his achievement.  She continues to tutor my son even after we moved to England! 

I came for Gloria’s assistance after I received a 6.5 on IELTS, and asked her assistance to boost my marks to 7.5 within a month (for university admission)!  I nailed 7.5 in four lessons, and with my third attempt I got 8. I’ll keep booking writing lessons with her whenever time allows.  


Academic and Teaching Background

Gloria Luk received an Honors Bachelor’s Degree from the top Canadian school for English Literature and Language – The University of Western Ontario – the same school the Canadian Master of Short Stories, Alice Munro, 2013 Nobel Prize in Literature winner, attended.  Having completed that Degree in English Literature, Luk followed up with a Master’s Degree in English Literature from another top Canadian school, the University of Calgary (Canada’s current Prime Minister Stephen Harper also attended there), coupled with a University Teaching Certificate (for teaching at the tertiary level) earned from the University of Calgary. She taught Academic Writing and English Literature at the University of Calgary and, during her graduate years, has given lectures and talks at various Canadian universities, including McMaster University, the University of Manitoba, the University of Calgary and The University of Western Ontario. Gloria’s ties to Canada remain strong even after her relocation to Hong Kong to teach at a number of prestige schools, making her one of the few teachers familiar with local and overseas English curriculums.

Gloria Luk is also a poet, writer and editor.  She was an editor of the University of Calgary's poetry journal, Dandelion, and is now a member of Hong Kong Writers’ Circle (HKWC) at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.  Her latest poem, “Cuora Cyclornata,” which reflects on Hong Kong’s diasporic identities, is anthologized in Another Hong Kong (2014), published by The Chinese University of Hong Kong.  Another, “Pearly White Petals”, in part a reworking of William Shakespeare’s play The Tempest, is anthologized in Of Gods and Mobsters, published in 2013 by The Chinese University of Hong Kong.  Yuan Yang, a Journal of Hong Kong and International Writing, hosted by the School of English at the University of Hong Kong, published her 2012 poem “Morning Drift”.  Luk is currently working on a book-length project on the topics of English Literature and the development of English literacy. 

Gloria Luk offers private and group tutorials in the following areas: